Shortcodes for Login and Logout

White Label Login for WordPress supports the use of Shortcodes. You can insert a dynamic Login and Logout links and buttons in your menu and content.

Dynamic Login and Logout Link in menu

Add a custom link to your menu, where you insert the shortcode and attributes below in the navigation label field.

Go to Appearance > Menu and add a custom link to your menu where you insert the shortcode
[loginout login="Login" logout="Logout"]

You might need to add a # in the URL in order to add the Custom Link to the menu, and then you simply remove the # after adding it. 

You can also customize the values “Login” and “Logout” to any custom text.

Dynamic Login and Logout buttons

When you insert the dynamic Login and Logout button in the content of your Page, Post, Custom Post Type or Widget you can use the following attributes with the shortcode.

label: The login label.

description:  A brief description to show on mouse over.

type: type of button to use.  It takes the following values: ’btn-primary’, ‘btn-info’, ‘btn-success’, ‘btn-warning’, ‘btn-danger’, ‘btn-inverse’, ‘btn-link’ (change the default colors of the buttons by using the Visual CSS Editor)

align: Button alignment.  Values: rhl-left rhl-right rhl-center rhl-float-left rhl-float-right rhl-inline

size: Button size.  Values: ’btn-large’, ‘btn-small’, ‘btn-mini’

logged:  Values can be ‘logout‘ to display the logout button.  ’hide‘ to hide the button when the user is logged in.

logout_label:  The Log out label.

logout_type:  The type of button to use for Log out.  Values:  same as type.

logout_description:  A brief description to show on mouse over.

[slide_login_button label='Get In Now' description='Login to the site, a modal form will pop up' type='btn-inverse' size='btn-large' align='rhl-float-right' logout_label='Get Out Now' logout_description='Logout from the site' logout_type='btn-danger']
Button Alignment


Float Left

Float Right


[modal_login_button size=btn-large align=rhl-left]
[modal_login_button size=btn-medium align=rhl-left]
[modal_login_button size=btn-mini align=rhl-left]