Below you can preview all the different demos. The first demo shows the default WordPress login. It has not been customized, but White Label Login for WordPress also allow you to customize the default login. 

In order to preview the animations in each of the other demos you will need to click the Login, Register and Lost Password buttons in the form.

Default WordPress Login
Modal Just Me Login
Vertical Left Login
Vertical Right Login
Horizontal Top Login
Horizontal Bottom Login
Vertical Left (Push Content Right) Login
Vertical Right (Push Content Left) Login
Modal Fade in and Scale Up Login
Modal Slide in Right Login
Modal Slide in (bottom) Login
Modal Newspaper Login
Modal Fall Login
Modal Side Fall Login
Modal Sticky Up Login
Modal 3D Flip (Horizontal) Login
Modal 3D Flip (Vertical) login
Modal 3D Sign Login
Modal Super Scaled Login
Modal 3D Rotate In Left Login
Modal 3D Slit Login
Modal 3D Rotate Bottom Login

White Label Login for WordPress is now available